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I had a realization this morning that I practice an exercise in mindfulness almost every day. Each morning, as I get myself ready for the day, I spend some time shaving. When one is shaving, it is important to not let the mind wander. When I shave, I just shave. If I don’t, I could easily cut myself and start my day by trying to stop the bleeding. This is especially true for me since I use cheap, single blade, disposable razors (I think it’s insane to pay the ever-increasing prices for blade-inflation razors from the big companies). When done slowly and with mindfulness, I can achieve a smooth and good-looking shave without harming myself. If I allow my mind to wander or I rush through the task, I will get immediate feedback in the most unpleasant way imaginable: drawing blood! As I go through my daily routines in the next few days, I’m going to try to examine them to see if any others demand the same level of mindfulness as shaving. I doubt that I will find one but it could be an interesting investigation to see how I’ve incorporated mindfulness into my daily life without even realizing it.

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