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I just read a great story at Elephant Journal about a recent federal court ruling in Ohio that said that organic and non-organic milk producers who choose to not use growth hormones on their herds used to produce milk can now label their products without restrictions. Apparently, a few years ago some dairy producers who weren’t using these artificial hormones began to label their milk truthfully but were blocked from doing so due to pressure put on them by the dairy industry and the governor of Ohio. This court ruling strikes down the restrictions and allows milk producers to tell consumers what is (or is not) in their milk. This is great news because there is still concern for the impact on human health that could come from these artificial growth hormones. Normally, I would trust the science that has reported no significant difference to human health from these products but these studies were done at a time when the FDA rules and regulations were being compromised by big pharma companies so the results are tainted and not as trustworthy as I would like. For many years, the FDA slept while companies bought their way into the marketplace and hid negative results or things they didn’t want the public to know. It has caused untold numbers of deaths and harmed many people. For now, I trust the European Union studies more than those of the FDA. 

Not only is it potentially harmful to humans, but it is a known fact that cows treated with rGBH do suffer health problems. It’s nice to know that consumers may have an opportunity to vote with their wallets and push for milk that is more natural. If this is the case, it may also make organic or non-hormone treated milk less expensive so that it becomes more widely available at a better price. It’s always a good day when the desires of consumers win out over corporate interests so I’m happy to see this move toward a more sane and honest labeling process for something that is such a big part of many people’s diets.

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