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I’ve had a great day today. Actually, it’s been a great weekend so far. Last night, we went to see the Portland Sea Dogs play against the Trenton Thunder. That’s the Boston Red Sox minor league team vs. the NY Yankees minor league team so they’re always fun to go see. Unfortunately, the Dogs lost but it was still a lot of fun to go and be a part of the crowd and cheer and enjoy a beautiful evening outdoors. Today we went to the beach and spent a lot of time in the water. We were able to get the kids boogie boards and I taught them how to catch a wave and ride it in to the shore. Since this is Maine, the water was cold and the wind was strong but it was still a lot of fun to be outside in the water and having a great time. After that, we went and saw the Nanny McPhee movie. It was horrible but the kids really liked it. Most of the time now, they put something in kids movies for parents to enjoy. Not really with this one. It was an ordeal that I endured and then was happy when it was over.

Because we were out and having a lot of fun last night and today, my eating hasn’t been as mindful as I usually like to keep it. We were at a baseball game last night so I had to have a hot dog. It wasn’t optional. When a hot dog is served at a baseball park, it automatically becomes one of the best tasting hot dogs on the planet. It was my duty as an American to purchase and consume a hot dog last night. It was the first pork I’ve had in 2 months and I loved every bite. The ketchup, mustard and relish and bun probably weren’t the best things for me to cover it with either but that’s just what you have to do to make a hot dog a real treat. Today, breakfast and lunch both consisted of eggs combined with veggies and cheese. It wasn’t my intent to eat that much of those foods but I didn’t have as many options available to me since I was out of the house at meal times (see my Hard to Eat Healthy post for my rant about that). The movie theater we went to was a place that the kids love. It’s a restaurant/movie theater and it’s fun to go to. They were having a special all weekend long with $5 tickets for all shows so we went there to save a bit of money. Since I’d already eaten poorly twice in the day, I went ahead and got a cheese pizza with onions and peppers on it.

Overall, not my best day of eating but I’m not going to let it side track me. That’s the great thing about knowing that the only time we have is the present. We no longer have the past and we have no ability to grasp the future. All we have is the moment we are in while we are in it. Therefore, since those meals are behind me now, I will let them go and return my focus to mindfulness and eating foods that nourish my body instead of causing suffering in the long run. Everything I ate last night and today has brought me a lot of pleasure. I’ve enjoyed every meal and I have sympathy for my old self because I can see how easy it would be for me to slip back in to my old habits and lifestyle. It really is a trap and I was stuck in it for a long time. However, now I know that things don’t have to be that way and I can seize the present moment and do what is right all over again. That’s the great thing about the present. It’s an almost infinite landscape and you can choose to take any path you want. If you find yourself off course, it’s easy to point yourself in the correct direction again and head off once more. We may not take the shortest or easiest path, but it’s always possible to correct our course and get moving in the right direction again. Now is the time that I’m doing that.

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Today was a lot of fun. We went down to Boston and spent the day at the Children’s Museum with old friends and everyone had a great time. As I said this morning I was attempting to practice mindfulness as much as possible. Overall, I’d say it was a success. As I drove, I tried to just drive. When I played with the kids I just played. When I ate, I just ate. The eating was a bit of a challenge though. The place we went for lunch didn’t have their salad bar open and most of the foods were full of deli style meats and nowhere near healthy. I ended up getting an egg salad sandwich on a dark rye bread. I was able to sit and focus on the eating and stay mindful and it was the best egg salad I think I’ve ever had. Dinner was even worse. I ended up splurging and had something I haven’t had in over a month: a foot long chili cheese dog with mustard and onions and tater tots and a root beer to drink. I truly savored the experience. It was SO good to eat this fatty, salty and thoroughly delicious food and not feel guilty about it. I wasn’t eating to fill a void or to get a mental fix. I was just eating really yummy food from Sonic. It was also nice to know that this was a real treat now and that tomorrow I’d be back to my new eating lifestyle. I did regret it afterward though but not from guilt. Just like the Big Mac and Fries I ate a few weeks ago, the food gave me a stomach ache. I won’t miss not having it now that I’ve had this little reminder of what this food does to me now. A month ago, I would never have imagined craving a salad. Now, I can’t wait to dig into one.

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