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I’m sitting here in the early morning, drinking my coffee and watching the sun come up. It’s slightly foggy outside so everything is just a little soft around the edges. The fog is catching and reflecting the colors of the sunrise and generally making this a beautiful morning. In a very short while, the fog will burn off and we’ll have a clear, crisp autumn day. The way the fog is behaving reminds me of something that is said in our school about keeping a clear mind. A clear mind is like a mirror, when red shows up, the mirror is red, when blue shows up the mirror is blue. A clear mind reflects whatever is in front of it at that time. That’s what this fog is doing. Reds and yellows and oranges come and the fog reflects reds and yellows and oranges. When I see this, I find great beauty in it. Why do I find beauty in it? Fog is usually something that has negative associations. If someone is feeling foggy, it’s a bad thing. If someone is confused, we say they’re in a fog. Yet here I am enjoying the beauty of this early morning fog. I am finding beauty in it because the fog is doing what it is supposed to do. It is reflecting whatever light hits it.

A clear mind is also a thing of beauty. It reflects the world around it and does not interfere with it. When we encounter clear mind, we encounter beauty. I think this is because we innately admire a thing when it simply does what it is intended to do. A clear mind is not a complicated thing. A clear mind is easy to understand. A clear mind is what it is without pretense or posturing. A clear mind eats when it is hungry and stops when it is full. A clear mind does not feel the need to dip into a pint of ice cream to change its mood. A clear mind doesn’t have “moods” in the way that we understand them. This is why I spend 40 minutes a day in meditation: to develop a clear mind. And now, with my mind clear from my morning meditation and my morning coffee (hey, drinking coffee can be a type of meditation too!) I am ready to go out into the day and face each moment as it comes.

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I like coffee. A lot. I think I’ve had about 60 oz of coffee today. This is more than normal for me but I was dragging today and needed the caffeine boost to get through the work day. Usually I have about 40 oz. per day. Since I don’t want my coffee intake to have an adverse effect on my weight, I drink it black. It’s about the only vice that I have no desire to let go of.

With that said, I was surprised to hear a few weeks ago about this

Yeah, 31 ounces of over-roasted goodness. Except that most people aren’t as masochistic as I am and don’t drink their coffee black. Especially a coffee that has been roasted as dark as Starbucks tends to roast their coffee (as a side note, one reason they do this is that roasting coffee that strongly extends its shelf life by about 2 days). This monstrosity isn’t designed for folks like me. It’s plastic. You don’t put hot coffee in this thing. You may have iced coffee in it but I expect that they really want to push things like frappes and sweetened drinks. If people do get a coffee like this and have milk and sugar added, they could easily end up with a few hundred calories in their hands without even realizing it. Doesn’t that sound good? No? Well, how does this math strike you?

On average, an ounce of coffee will contain anywhere between 10-15 milligrams of caffeine.

This cup holds 30 ounces of coffee.

That comes up to 300 – 465 milligrams of caffeine per bucket of coffee.

I think that’s too much even for me to handle and I’m addicted to caffeine. According to my doctor, I should try to stay to 300-400 milligrams of caffeine per day at most. Just one of these could easily put me over the limit.

If you’re a coffee drinker like me, please consider what one of these things can do to you. If you add milk and sugar to your coffee and you get one of these, you have had as many calories as a Hershey’s chocolate bar with almonds. These calories don’t really fill you up either so they can easily push you over a healthy caloric intake if you are trying to be healthy.

If the above information and video didn’t scare you, check this out

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What Am I Doing Up?

It’s 12:30 in the morning and I’m still up. I should have been in bed hours ago but can’t seem to be able to sleep. I can’t think of any particular reason for why I’m still up, but I am. The only thing that I’ve done out of the ordinary was to get my new phone connected to my home network in order to stream/copy data between my phone and computer. This was a lot of fun for me and I still can’t get over how cool this phone is. I downloaded the new Matt & Kim album today and copied it over to my PC without any issues/problems. It’s nice to know that unlike an iPod or an iPhone I don’t need to connect the device to the computer to copy data from one device to the other. So, new music and new technology could be why I’m still up but I don’t know.

I’m lying here in my bed tapping away on my iPod keyboard while my wife quietly snores next to me. Maybe it’s her snoring that’s keeping me up but I don’t know.

It’s finally getting down into the 20s & 30s here at night so the house is a little colder than normal and my feet feel like two blocks of ice stuck to my legs. Maybe it’s the cold that’s keeping me up but I don’t know.

Since I’m lying in bed, my cat Spencer thinks this means it’s time for him to be in bed too. He sleeps between my knees. Maybe my cat is keeping me up but I don’t know.

It’s raining outside and I can hear each drop hit the windows and the skylight over my head. Maybe it’s the sound of the rain that’s keeping me up but I don’t know.

The rain seems to amplify the sound of the traffic outside so it’s louder than normal when cars go by. Maybe it’s the sound of the cars that’s keeping me up but I don’t know.

Since it’s cold outside, the heat cycles on more frequently now and the baseboard heaters make noise. Maybe it’s the crinkle and crackle of expanding and contracting metal that’s keeping me up but I don’t know.

Now that I have a solution to a problem I was stuck on at work, I can finally wrap up this never ending project. Maybe it’s excitement and anticipation that’s keeping me up but I don’t know.

Or, maybe it’s the fact that I had more caffeine today than my body is used to because of mindless consumption of coffee followed up by accepting an energy drink that someone offered me in the late afternoon. Perhaps too many stimulants coupled with an overacting analytic mind has caused me to stay up far too late thinking about why I’m not doing what I should be doing. But I don’t know.

If only there was something I could put my finger on and know that it was the cause. I guess I’ll never know. I think I may go downstairs and mull it over with a fresh cup of coffee…

Goodnight everyone.

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