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I like coffee. A lot. I think I’ve had about 60 oz of coffee today. This is more than normal for me but I was dragging today and needed the caffeine boost to get through the work day. Usually I have about 40 oz. per day. Since I don’t want my coffee intake to have an adverse effect on my weight, I drink it black. It’s about the only vice that I have no desire to let go of.

With that said, I was surprised to hear a few weeks ago about this

Yeah, 31 ounces of over-roasted goodness. Except that most people aren’t as masochistic as I am and don’t drink their coffee black. Especially a coffee that has been roasted as dark as Starbucks tends to roast their coffee (as a side note, one reason they do this is that roasting coffee that strongly extends its shelf life by about 2 days). This monstrosity isn’t designed for folks like me. It’s plastic. You don’t put hot coffee in this thing. You may have iced coffee in it but I expect that they really want to push things like frappes and sweetened drinks. If people do get a coffee like this and have milk and sugar added, they could easily end up with a few hundred calories in their hands without even realizing it. Doesn’t that sound good? No? Well, how does this math strike you?

On average, an ounce of coffee will contain anywhere between 10-15 milligrams of caffeine.

This cup holds 30 ounces of coffee.

That comes up to 300 – 465 milligrams of caffeine per bucket of coffee.

I think that’s too much even for me to handle and I’m addicted to caffeine. According to my doctor, I should try to stay to 300-400 milligrams of caffeine per day at most. Just one of these could easily put me over the limit.

If you’re a coffee drinker like me, please consider what one of these things can do to you. If you add milk and sugar to your coffee and you get one of these, you have had as many calories as a Hershey’s chocolate bar with almonds. These calories don’t really fill you up either so they can easily push you over a healthy caloric intake if you are trying to be healthy.

If the above information and video didn’t scare you, check this out

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