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Last night I went out to dinner. It was a great dinner and I had made a decision beforehand to allow myself to indulge since I have been doing much better lately. I will not divulge what I had but needless to say, I did not feel compelled to step on┬áthe scale this morning! However, I discovered that progress doesn’t take a break. I was unable to finish my food. I was able to finish three-quarters of my dinner but that was it. Even a few weeks ago, I would have finished it and moved on for dessert. Even though I was sad to say goodbye to a yummy dinner but I was happy to learn that my stomach has begun to resemble that of a mere mortal’s. Then, to make matters worse, having had a big, rich dinner gave me a bit of a stomach ache as my body struggled to handle everything I had thrown at it. It was a fun evening and I don’t regret it but it was also really nice to see that there are other ways to judge progress than by a number on a scale.

On another note, gluttony day is this Thursday and I’m not sure how I’m going to handle it. Should I go ahead and celebrate it like I used to and allow myself to indulge or should I attempt to keep this progress going? In the end, I figure I’ll end up splitting the difference. I’ll enjoy eating whatever I want but I’ll do it all in moderation.

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